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Portrait of three teachers in the school hall. They are smiling for the camera.
Portrait of three teachers in the school hall. They are smiling for the camera.
District Leadership

What the Research Says: The Impact of Teacher Beliefs on Gifted Education

Teachers play an important role in all aspects of gifted education, from identifying potential talent, to challenging learning opportunities, to helping students navigate social-emotional growth. Yet the research on the impact of teacher beliefs and the impact on gifted learners is sparse.

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District Leadership

On the Outside Looking In: The G/T Program Evaluation Process

Every journey begins with a first step. In order to take that step, a destination is determined. Deciding the journey’s destination relies on prior travel and a desire for a new direction to explore.

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District Leadership

Viewpoints in Gifted Education Research and Practice: An Overview of Three Major Paradigms

In gifted education, the schools of thought that influence the field affect not only how students are assessed and identified for gifted services, but also how educators themselves view gifted education and the services they provide.

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District Leadership

Using the Texas State Plan to Evaluate Gifted and Talented Programs

This evaluation tool, designed by the TAGT Leadership Committee, will assist districts and campuses in auditing their program against the state plan requirements.

District Leadership

Utilizing Gifted Specialists in the Age of COVID-19

Schools across the nation continue to grapple with ways in which they can best serve their students and families while considering the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.

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District Leadership

The Top 10 Questions a Principal Should Ask About a Campus G/T Program in 2020-2021

Principals should ask themselves these Top 10 questions about their campus G/T program to ensure they are following House Bill 3 requirements.