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Author: Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Happy little girl wearing glasses looking at camera
Happy little girl wearing glasses looking at camera
Katie D. Lewis

What the Research Says: Motivation for Achievement and Causes of Underachievement

Educators constantly seek to understand what motivates gifted students to achieve, as well as factors that contribute to gifted learners underachieving.
Kristin L. Majority

What The Research Says: Social-Emotional Issues in Gifted Education

The importance of social and emotional education for the gifted has been a topic of research for decades.
Teenage classmates standing in high school hallway
Katie D. Lewis

What The Research Says About Being Gifted in Secondary/Higher Education

A literature review of what it means to be gifted in secondary and higher education.
Female Teacher With Two Elementary School Pupils Wearing Uniform Using Digital Tablet At Desk
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Effective Programs and Practices for Gifted Students

A qualitative analysis of individual programs leads to the conclusion that there are effective practices that are worthy of replication.
school children drawing math icon on the chalkboard
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Curriculum for The Gifted and Talented Student: Theme, Generalization, Topic, and Paradigm

One of the first steps in writing curriculum for the gifted is to begin by making sure that the learning theory that undergirds curriculum is ...
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Student-Created Multimedia Projects As the Gateway to Globalization and Digital Citizenry

Multimedia projects allow students to engage in planning, organizing, and creative processing with the end result being products that can be shared with the global ...
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Technology Tips for Teachers: Meet TED, the Audio Powerpoint, and Skype

This Tips for Teachers column shares information on TED Talks, Audio Powerpoint, and Skype and suggestions for use in classrooms.
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Click, View, and Share: Teaching and Learning Tech Tools You Can Use

Google accounts are easily created from and enable teachers to watch, upload, share YouTube videos ( and build free Google Forms surveys to enhance ...
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Kahoot! and Google Digital Tools: Efficient and Effective

Kahoot! and Google are favorite digital tools of many classroom teachers, and are viewed by teachers as effective and efficient.
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Web 2.0: Technology Tools to Enhance Organization and Communication

Notability is a note-taking app that allows the creation of categories and subjects that are like file folders in a desk drawer. An educator may ...