Identification for Gifted Services: Why Identify?
Creativity and the Box
What the Research Says About Safe Learning Environments for Gifted Learners
Who Is a Gifted Multilingual Learner?
My Child Did Not Qualify: Next Steps
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One glowing light bulb standing out from the unlit incandescent bulbs on green background with reflection and shadow , individuality and different business creative idea concepts . 3D rendering.

Identification for Gifted Services: Why Identify?

The article discusses the importance of identifying students for gifted services, mandated by state law, and outlines the comprehensive process involved, including qualitative and quantitative ...
Back to school. Schoolchild with virtual reality headset in class. Funny kid against green blackboard. Innovation and creativity concept

Creativity and the Box

This article delves into the interplay between creativity and problem-solving, exploring how educators can nurture creative thinking in students. It examines various characteristics of creatively ...
Young asian woman teacher teaching kids in kindergarten classroom, preschool education concept

What the Research Says About Safe Learning Environments for Gifted Learners

The article emphasizes the necessity of safe and flexible learning environments, crucial for both general and gifted education, to accommodate diverse student needs. It highlights ...
Students learning spanish with teacher in primary school

Who Is a Gifted Multilingual Learner?

This article explores the challenges faced by gifted multilingual learners, using the story of Diego, an eighth-grade student, to highlight the disparities in recognizing and ...
Young collage student using computer and mobile device studying online. Education and online learning.

The Digital SAT & PSAT: What Does It Mean for You?

To make sure students are prepared academically and psychologically for the new SAT format, it’s important that everyone involved in the process – from students ...
Multiethnic parents helping children with their homework at home. Young father and mother helping sons study at living room. Little boys completing their exercises with the help of dad and mom.

My Child Did Not Qualify: Next Steps

“The data we gathered for your child does not demonstrate a need for gifted services at this time.” As a parent, this statement can result ...
Education concept with books

Re: Catch Phrases

This article delves into the importance of exploring what lies inside the educational box, emphasizing the need to understand students' prior knowledge and experiences as ...
3d unique cube standing out from pile of cubes

Twice-Exceptionality: Six Case Studies for Professional Learning

These six case studies can be catalysts for independent reflection and start critical conversations among colleagues about identifying and serving students who are twice-exceptional. Each ...
Family, holding hands and girl with father closeup in a park, hands and walking in nature, bond and relax outdoors. Love, trust and parent hands with child in support of trust, peace and unity.

Parent Webinar: Connection Before Content (Available in English and Spanish)

In this session, attendees will delve into the critical topic of mental health challenges students face and the significance of fostering connections and relationships in their lives.
Concept of building success foundation. Women hand put red wooden block on colorful wooden blocks in the shape of a staircase

Serving Students With Advanced Learning Needs: Six Case Studies for Professional Learning

Educators are busier than ever before, but case studies are one flexible professional learning tool that can be used to examine issues faced by students ...
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