Advanced Math Auto-Enrollment: Something We Can All Agree On
Refining Your Teaching Craft for Gifted Learners
Planning a Book Study for G/T Update Credit
10 YouTube Channels that Foster Curiosity in Kids
Identification for Gifted Services: Why Identify?
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leadership or different concept with red and white paper airplane path and route line on blue background. Digital craft in education or travel concept. Mock up design. 3d abstract illustration

Start with Creativity: Building Secondary Classrooms That Support Critical Thinking and Purposeful Discussion for Advanced Learners

Examine how fostering creativity in secondary education can enhance critical thinking and purposeful discussion among advanced learners. This article dispels myths about creativity, emphasizes its ...
Diverse students wearing uniforms in school

Advanced Math Auto-Enrollment: Something We Can All Agree On

Learn more about the bipartisan Senate Bill (S.B.) 2124, passed by the Texas legislature in 2023, mandating the automatic enrollment of sixth-grade students scoring in ...
Hand of businessman holding glowing light bulb with graduation hat on it
District Leadership

Using Program Evaluation to Support Strategic Initiatives

The Texas State Plan requires evaluation of programs and services based on quantitative and qualitative data. This session describes research practices that drive evaluation and ...
Enthusiastic Teacher Giving a Lesson in Elementary School to Class Full of of Diverse Children. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Shot

Refining Your Teaching Craft for Gifted Learners

The article "Refining Your Teaching Craft for Gifted Learners" by Cecelia Boswell and Christine Weber discusses methods to enhance teaching for gifted students. It highlights ...
Portrait Of Female Teacher Holding Digital Tablet Teaching Line Of High School Students Sitting By Screens In Computer Class

Using the PIVOT G/T Teacher Observation Checklists for Virtual or Hybrid Lessons

The PIVOT G/T Teacher Observation Checklists was developed to assess the effectiveness of G/T teaching practices in virtual environments.

Parent Webinar: The Emotional Challenges of Gifted & Twice-Exceptional Children & How to Help Them Rise Above Them (Available in English and Spanish)

Our gifted/2e students often experience more adversity in school due to their complex, cognitive nature. They are often misunderstood or thought to be doing fine, ...
Open book, hardback books on wooden table. Education background. Back to school. Copy space for text

Planning a Book Study for G/T Update Credit

Mel Harlan and Audra Rowell dive into planning a book study for G/T update credit tips and tricks.
Happy children using laptop to learn, play, fun. Child, technology concept

10 YouTube Channels that Foster Curiosity in Kids

If you’re looking to rev up your child’s curious mind, try checking out one of thes 10 YouTube channels. Target age ranges are listed for ...
One glowing light bulb standing out from the unlit incandescent bulbs on green background with reflection and shadow , individuality and different business creative idea concepts . 3D rendering.

Identification for Gifted Services: Why Identify?

The article discusses the importance of identifying students for gifted services, mandated by state law, and outlines the comprehensive process involved, including qualitative and quantitative ...
Back to school. Schoolchild with virtual reality headset in class. Funny kid against green blackboard. Innovation and creativity concept

Creativity and the Box

This article delves into the interplay between creativity and problem-solving, exploring how educators can nurture creative thinking in students. It examines various characteristics of creatively ...
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