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Author: Katie D. Lewis

Portrait of three teachers in the school hall. They are smiling for the camera.
Portrait of three teachers in the school hall. They are smiling for the camera.
District Leadership

What the Research Says: The Impact of Teacher Beliefs on Gifted Education

Teachers play an important role in all aspects of gifted education, from identifying potential talent, to challenging learning opportunities, to helping students navigate social-emotional growth. Yet the research on the impact of teacher beliefs and the impact on gifted learners is sparse.

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What the Research Says: Motivation for Achievement and Causes of Underachievement

Educators constantly seek to understand what motivates gifted students to achieve, as well as factors that contribute to gifted learners underachieving.


What The Research Says: Social-Emotional Issues in Gifted Education

The importance of social and emotional education for the gifted has been a topic of research for decades.

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District Leadership

What The Research Says About Being Gifted in Secondary/Higher Education

A literature review of what it means to be gifted in secondary and higher education.

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Culturally Responsive Gifted Educators: Reaching Every Child, Every Day

Educators must provide a safe, caring, inclusive learning environment, where all students have the opportunities to achieve beyond preconceived ideas.