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Melanie S. Meyer

What Works: Research About Teacher Beliefs and Student Achievement in Practice

Melanie S. Meyer Educators are pulled in many different directions as they try to address mandated standards, accountability testing requirements, …

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Veronica V. Sopher

Personal Branding for Educators: Fulfilling Your Brand’s Promise as an Educator

Personal branding for teachers includes anything that helps add strength, identity, and definition to your work in a way that students, parents, and the surrounding community can recognize.

C. Matthew Fugate

Utilizing Gifted Specialists in the Age of COVID-19

Schools across the nation continue to grapple with ways in which they can best serve their students and families while considering the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Middle aged black female teacher smiling in school corridor
Meredith A. Miller Austin

The Top 10 Questions a Principal Should Ask About a Campus G/T Program in 2020-2021

Principals should ask themselves these Top 10 questions about their campus G/T program to ensure they are following House Bill 3 requirements.

TAGT 2019 Conference
Emily Mofield

Book Study: Collaboration, Co-Teaching, and Coaching

Attendees met live with Emily Mofield and Vicki Phelps to discuss their book Collaboration, Co-Teaching, and Coaching and some of the reflection questions included. Participants read the book on their own, then joined in for the conversation.

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Lacy Compton

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