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Connect Chat: Adjusting & Managing G/T Identification With School Closures

This TAGT Connect Chat includes a conversation about how district testing/identification processes changed with school closures and solutions districts are considering.

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District Leadership

The Evaluation Journey

A G/T program services evaluation journey looks at both the places traveled and any new destination that leads to student achievement.

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Finding and Serving Gifted Students Raised in Poverty

An ongoing challenge facing our schools is adequately serving our gifted students raised in poverty.

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District Leadership

Texas GT Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Survey: Supporting Advocacy Efforts

To examine gifted education practices in Texas, the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented, in collaboration with Baylor University, conducted an online survey to identify teacher beliefs about gifted education, current gifted education practices, factors that influence practices, and possible student learning outcomes.

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Teaching, Learning, and Assessing for the 21st Century

What are the implications for teaching, learning, and assessing for the 21st century?


Aligning Assessment, Identification, and Gifted Education Program Services

It is common to find gifted education beginning with the assignment of some students to the category of gifted while other students are intentionally not assigned to the gifted category.