Combatting Perceptions in Gifted Education



Join top gifted education thinkers in a discussion on how educators can work to combat perceptions and misperceptions of gifted education. Speakers will address legislative and public perceptions of gifted and talented as inherently elitist and/or inequitable and educate attendees around misunderstandings commonly shared within public perception. Learn how you can change the perceptions about gifted education and create stronger conversations around G/T and equity in your communities. This session was originally recorded at giftED21.


Assessing Growth

Although the State Plan (TEA, 2019) requires evaluation of student growth, the process remains difficult for Texas districts. Assessment beyond on-level state testing is required to adequately assess growth in our gifted learners and in the curriculum and instruction provided to them. Implementation of growth modeling and other suggested effective tools will support assessment of academic growth in gifted learners.

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