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Author: Krystal K. Goree

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KrysGoree photo
Krystal K. Goree

Looking at the Past and Toward the Future in Gifted Education: A Focus on Critical Attributes of Important Issues

The theme of the final issue of TEMPO is "Looking at the Past and Toward the Future in Gifted Education: A Focus on Critical Attributes ...
Krystal K. Goree

The Gift of Failure: An Interview With Jessica Lahey

Jessica Lahey—teacher, writer, speaker, and mother of two sons—offers advice to educators and parents that may come as surprises to some.
Head ShotAshanti Branch
Krystal K. Goree

Ever Forward: An Interview With Ashanti Branch

As the Founder and Executive Director of Ever Forward Club, Ashanti Branch looks back on his past and shares his dreams for the future.
dan lerner
Krystal K. Goree

Passionately Successful: An Interview With Daniel Lerner

With a varied career involving high-achieving people in music, sports, business, and education, Daniel Lerner understands how passion can manifest itself in different ways.
Krystal K. Goree

An Interview With John Hunter

To John Hunter, unleashing potential is all about relationships: about truly knowing individual students and tying learning to their interests.
Krystal K. Goree

Launching Into Authentic Learning: An Interview With John Spencer

John Spencer shares valuable information about what kids need in today’s classrooms to learn, grow, and thrive in a world that offers endless opportunities for ...
Kaylee - Art
Krystal K. Goree

Student Spotlight: The Art of Creativity

For gifted young artist Kaylee Cooper of Waco, art gives her a chance to explore the world from different perspectives.
Amy McNamara

Identification and Retention of Gifted Students from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds: What the Research Says

Do gifted education classrooms reflect the culture of the general school?