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District Leadership

Multi-District GT Collaborative Team–Work Smarter Not Harder!

Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Tomball and Willis ISD banded together as ‘singletons’ out in the field to learn together, grow our programs, and provide stronger parent engagement opportunities to our communities.

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District Leadership

Texas State Gifted Ed Policy 101

TEC, TAC, SBEC, TEA, TEKS, and more! Texas State guidelines, rules, and policies related to gifted education stretch across numerous agencies, laws, and documents. Learn the basics about gifted education policy in Texas in plain language.

District Leadership

TEA Update: COVID-19, State Plan, & Changes to Your Responsibilities

This session will address G/T program updates, in particular information coordinators need to know about COVID-19 and changes to their responsibilities related to the New Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

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District Leadership

Conducting an In-Depth Evaluation of a Gifted Program

Districts that have devoted resources to programs for gifted and talented students hold a vested interest in understanding the outcomes of such programs for the students they serve.

District Leadership

Evidence-Based Practices in Gifted Education: Acceleration, Ability Grouping, and Universal Screening

This article focuses on the research and practical knowledge needed by administrators to increase implementation of three evidence-based practices in gifted education: acceleration, grouping, and universal screening.

TAGT 2019 Conference
District Leadership

Reflections on the Millennial Issue Regarding the Field of Gifted Education

What is still relevant today from the past? What is new? Where might the field of gifted education be headed?