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Colin Seale

Combatting Perceptions in Gifted Education

Join top gifted education thinkers in a discussion on how educators can work to combat perceptions and misperceptions of gifted education.
Lindsay Ellis Lee

How Paradigmatic Viewpoints and the Texas State Standards Influence Identification Practices

This article provides district administrators and educators of gifted and talented students with an overview of how gifted identification practices align with each of the ...
advocacy post
Julia L. Roberts

The Primer for Effective Advocacy

What is advocacy? What goals do advocates for gifted education have? Who can advocate? What are important points to remember in order to enhance the ...
Lynette Breedlove

5 Essentials of Parenting Gifted Kids

Whether they're brand new or veterans to the joys of parenting gifted kids, the parents of your gifted students will benefit from exploring the 5 ...
Group of emotional friends with their hands raised
Kimberly Stewart

Gifted 101: Understanding Overexcitabilities in Gifted Individuals

Most educators who have worked with students identified as gifted know that the classic teacher-pleasing student may be recognized as gifted, but more than likely, ...
Tracy Weinberg

Gifted 101: What Is Giftedness? Defining Gifted and Talented

Possessing a deep understanding of the definition of gifted and talented is the starting point for all that follows in the field of gifted education. ...