A Guide for Using TEMPO+ for a 6-Hour G/T Update

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Needing ideas and assistance in facilitating the 6-hour G/T update? Want resources your educators can access independently and on their own time? The TEMPO+ 6-Hour G/T Update Guide below is a resource for finding valuable videos and articles in areas including differentiation, social-emotional needs, and equity that educators can dive into in groups or individually. The guide also includes assessment documents for both individual and group assessment, with action-oriented assessments to allow for applicable learning. Any educator with access to TEMPO+, including both TAGT members and district subscribers, can access the resources included below and complete their 6-hour update!

The tables and questions below are meant to serve as a guide for using TEMPO+ to facilitate a 6-hour G/T update.

How to Use These Resources:

  1. Educators may self-select or administrators may assign a category of learning from the tables below. Each table includes a number of resource options so educators may choose which resources best fit their needs or so administrators can customize a package of resources for your district.
  2. Each learner should view at least 2 hours of video content, then select at least 2 additional articles or videos to view/read.
  3. Professional learning may be assessed in various ways, including:
    • As learners review the resources, they should reflect on what they are learning and take notes. Once the resources have been completed, learners should complete the provided Reflection and Application [link] document to show their learning and return it to their administrators.
    • Administrators may select to assess learners as a group by conducting in-person or virtual group discussions on the resources using the discussion questions based on the available resources or using applications options in the Group Application and Assessment Options document.
  4. Remember, it is up to the district administrator to determine what qualifies as receiving credit for a 6-hour update. The questions, documents, and resources in these guidelines are simply intended to serve as a tool for helping administrators facilitate the update process.

Note that these are only guides to help you plan for your educators’ professional development. Leaders may also choose to build their own update from the list of resources below.

Please note that all resources included as part of this guide are copyrighted by the individual authors or the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and intended for use by TAGT members, eSubscribers, and district subscribers only. Resources may not be downloaded, shared, or distributed in print form to any individual who does not have prior access without written permission from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

Click on the different categories to view the list of resources in that category.

Category: Differentiation

Resource TypeTitleAuthor/PresenterVideo TimeLink
VideoA Crash Course on Curriculum CompactingCindy Gilson1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/a-crash-course-on-curriculum-compacting/  
VideoDifferentiation 101Tamra Stambaugh1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/differentiation-101/
VideoTeaching to the Top: An Advanced Depth and Complexity Boot CampClint Rodriguez2 hourshttps://tempo.txgifted.org/teaching-to-the-top-an-advanced-depth-and-complexity-boot-camp/
VideoPreassessment and Reflection: Essential Components for Defensible DifferentiationJulia L. Roberts1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/preassessment-and-reflection-essential-components-for-defensible-differentiation/
VideoGifted Mathematics Differentiation for ElementaryHolley Nasky and Yolanda Flores1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/gifted-mathematics-differentiation-for-elementary/
VideoDifferentiation Squared: Strategies for Struggling Gifted StudentsLin Lim and Rashimii Mahendra1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/differentiation-squared-strategies-for-struggling-gifted-students/
ArticleAbility Grouping Options to Meet the Needs of Gifted LearnersCecelia Boswell and C. Matthew Fugate https://tempo.txgifted.org/ability-grouping-options-to-meet-the-needs-of-gifted-learners/
ArticleThe Critical Issue of Curriculum Differentiation for Gifted LearnersJoyce Van Tassel-Baska https://tempo.txgifted.org/the-critical-issue-of-curriculum-differentiation-for-gifted-learners/  
ArticleScaffolding of Instruction is Necessary for Gifted Students, TooTamra Stambaugh https://tempo.txgifted.org/scaffolding-of-instruction-is-necessary-for-gifted-students-too/  
PodcastSchoolwide Enrichment Model and MoreDr. Todd Kettler1 Hour 16 Minshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/0A2hH6sNkayda6alizqoVT?si=8442644d26a749f1
PodcastGeeking OutBrian Housand15 minshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/7nytKyA2pFyrfhEMusq6wx?si=5af576403e394a4c

Category: Social-Emotional Learning

Resource TypeTitleAuthor/PresenterVideo TimeLink
VideoStress, Anxiety, and Gifted Children: Strategies to Help Children ThriveChristine Fonseca1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/stress-anxiety-and-gifted-children-strategies-to-help-children-thrive/  
VideoMeasuring affective & Socio-emotional learning in gifted adolescentsCeleste Sodergren1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/measuring-affective-socio-emotional-learning-in-gifted-adolescents/
VideoGuiding Gifted Learners in Reframing Leadership StoriesMary Christopher and Cecelia Boswell1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/guiding-gifted-learners-in-reframing-leadership-stories/
VideoUnderstanding Gifted UnderachievementCeleste Sodergren & Yasmin Laird1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/understanding-gifted-underachievement/ 
VideoMeeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted English LearnersMarcy Voss1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/meeting-the-social-and-emotional-needs-of-gifted-english-learners/  
VideoKnow Thyself, Express Thyself, Apply Thyself: Purposeful Empowerment in Goal-Setting for Gifted LearnersVicki Phelps & Karah Lewis1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/know-thyself-express-thyself-apply-thyself-purposeful-empowerment-in-goal-setting-for-gifted-learners/
ArticleSupporting the Emotional Well-Being of Gifted Adolescent MalesThomas Hebert https://tempo.txgifted.org/supporting-the-emotional-wellbeing-of-gifted-adolescent-males/  
ArticleHarnessing the Power of Emotional IntensityChristine Fonseca https://tempo.txgifted.org/harnessing-the-power-of-emotional-intensity-a-guide-for-parents-and-educators/  
ArticleMotivation and Gifted StudentsMichael S. Matthews https://tempo.txgifted.org/motivation-and-gifted-students/  
PodcastMeeting Students’ Needs and Self-EfficacyTina Moore and Jessica Fair30 minshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/4rYd2dyXBwm1mAOeDeHpG4?si=fd755c33300f4263
PodcastStudent Voice and EmpathyPatrick Harris and S.C. Says37 minshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/7uNbUWKvyWkOvncxVZws1f?si=026918ae30c640b8

Category: Equity

Resource TypeTitleAuthor/PresenterVideo TimeLink
Video​​A Critical Conversation With I-URGGE: Sparking Change to Promote Culturally Responsive Gifted EducationJavetta Jones Roberson, Joy Lawson Davis, Kristina Collins, Ken Dickson, and Erinn Fears Floyd1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/a-critical-conversation-with-i-urgge-sparking-change-to-promote-culturally-responsive-gifted-education/  
VideoGifted Students’ Perspectives: A Panel DiscussionToni Gibbs1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/gifted-students-perspectives-panel/  
VideoMeeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted English LearnersMarcy Voss1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/meeting-the-social-and-emotional-needs-of-gifted-english-learners/  
VideoInvestigating Neurodiversity: A Thematic Conceptual Instructional Unit for 2e LearnersDebbie Troxclair and Claire Hughes1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/investigating-neurodiversity-a-thematic-conceptual-instructional-unit-for-2e-learners/
VideoCurriculum & Instruction Supports for Gifted English Language LearnersYasmin Laird and Celeste Sodergren1 hourhttps://tempo.txgifted.org/curriculum-instruction-supports-for-gifted-english-language-learners/
ArticleCultural Differences and Early Access MatterBrian Wright, et al. https://tempo.txgifted.org/cultural-differences-and-early-access-matter-increasing-gifted-and-talented-education-participation-for-underrepresented-students/   
ArticlePractices for Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Gifted ClassroomAdam Whitaker, Kari Lockhart, and Javetta Jones Roberson https://tempo.txgifted.org/practices-for-culturally-responsive-teaching-in-the-gifted-and-talented-classroom/  
ArticleWhen Families Serve: Military-Connected Gifted Students and School TransitionsMelanie Meyer and Kacey Crutchfield https://tempo.txgifted.org/when-families-serve-military-connected-gifted-students-and-school-transitions/  
ArticleFinding and Serving Gifted Students Raised in Poverty  Joyce Juntune https://tempo.txgifted.org/finding-and-serving-gifted-students-raised-in-poverty/  
PodcastEquity and AdvocacyStephanie and Colin Seale40 Minshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/1bWgmQjHSStubra88uNneB?si=448471d50c4c468d
PodcastDiverse Male TeachersFred Bonner and Dr. C. Matt Fugate39 Minshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/5HVTiultGryVL7qMk2tNux?si=895ac89617704750

Please note that TAGT does not approve, verify, or provide credit directly to educators. It is up to your district to determine what will qualify as your 6-hour update. If your administrator has not recommended that you complete your update using the information and resources included here, you should contact them and seek approval for using these resources first.