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Andrea Brucella Finnegan

Parent Webinar: The Emotional Challenges of Gifted & Twice-Exceptional Children & How to Help Them Rise Above Them (Available in English and Spanish)

Our gifted/2e students often experience more adversity in school due to their complex, cognitive nature. They are often misunderstood or thought to be doing fine, ...
Happy children using laptop to learn, play, fun. Child, technology concept
Christine Williamson

10 YouTube Channels that Foster Curiosity in Kids

If you’re looking to rev up your child’s curious mind, try checking out one of thes 10 YouTube channels. Target age ranges are listed for ...
Multiethnic parents helping children with their homework at home. Young father and mother helping sons study at living room. Little boys completing their exercises with the help of dad and mom.
Bronwyn Vaughan

My Child Did Not Qualify: Next Steps

“The data we gathered for your child does not demonstrate a need for gifted services at this time.” As a parent, this statement can result ...
Family, holding hands and girl with father closeup in a park, hands and walking in nature, bond and relax outdoors. Love, trust and parent hands with child in support of trust, peace and unity.
Chris Thomas

Parent Webinar: Connection Before Content

In this session, attendees will delve into the critical topic of mental health challenges students face and the significance of fostering connections and relationships in their lives.
Andi McNair

Parent Webinar: Family Passion Projects: Utilizing Genius Hour to Learn, Grow, and Serve Together (Available in English and Spanish)

Andi McNair shares how families and classrooms can partner to make learning meaningful through the connections that the Genius Hour experience can provide.
Emily Kircher-Morris

Parent Webinar: Helping Gifted Kids Manage “All the Feels” (Available in English and Spanish)

Processing and managing emotions is hard for even the most level-headed of us. For gifted and twice-exceptional kids and teens, dealing with "all the feels" ...