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Fred Bonner

A “Watched” Pot Never Boils: Advancing Equity in Gifted Education for Underserved Student Populations

Explore and unpack topics related to gifted education programming and the critical need to advance curriculum, teaching, and learning practices that promote equity and inclusion ...
Portrait of four happy African children, age-diverse boys and girls, having fun together outdoors in summertime
Brittany Anderson

Invisible No More: Shedding Light on the Needs and Experiences of Gifted Black Girls

Few studies have been conducted on the lived experiences of Gifted Black Girls(GBG)s and women in education. This session includes research and phenomenological evidence on ...
Students learning spanish with teacher in primary school
Marcy Voss

Who Is a Gifted Multilingual Learner?

This article explores the challenges faced by gifted multilingual learners, using the story of Diego, an eighth-grade student, to highlight the disparities in recognizing and ...
funny smiling Black child school girl with glasses hold books on her head. Yellow background
Susan Johnsen

Connect Chat: Assessing and Identifying Students with Visual Impairments

Hear from Dr. Anne Corn and Dr. Susan Johnsen about how to identify and serve visually impaired students. Dr. Corn brings her expertise in the ...
Idea and education concepts with lightbulb sketch and books
Cecelia Boswell

Primarily Primary

This article explores characteristics of young gifted students in kindergarten and grade 1.
Young female english language teacher standing in front of the blackboard
Yasmin Laird

Curriculum & Instruction Supports for Gifted English Language Learners

As initiatives begin to remedy the underrepresentation of ELLs, gifted programming must improve support for these students despite cultural and linguistic differences. This session describes ...