5 Essentials of Parenting Gifted Kids



Whether they’re brand new or veterans to the joys of parenting gifted kids, the parents of your gifted students will benefit from the guidance of Dr. Lynette Breedlove, director of the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science and parent to two sons, as she explores the 5 Essentials of Parenting Gifted Kids.

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Parent Webinar: Helping Gifted Kids Manage “All the Feels” (Available in English and Spanish)

Processing and managing emotions is hard for even the most level-headed of us. For gifted and twice-exceptional kids and teens, dealing with “all the feels” can be exhausting. The skills needed to develop emotional regulation can be developed over time with guidance and compassion from parents. Emily Kircher-Morris will break down the 4-step process of emotional regulation so we can help our kids who are “a little bit extra” find healthy ways to manage their emotions. 

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