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High-Ability Learners: Their Rights, Responsibilities, and Differentiation Needs

A major issue in education is how schools most appropriately respond to a range of advanced students who should receive and benefit from higher challenges.


Gifted 101: 5 Myths About Giftedness

Myths about giftedness are powerful forces that can alter perceptions about gifted students.

District Leadership

Focusing on Challenges that Influence Gifted Education Programs

This article focuses on the questions how far has education come in serving all of its gifted and talented students? What has influenced these results? It provides some suggestions for ways that educators might gifted education programs in their schools.


Gifted 101: What Is Intelligence?

A column that focuses on those who are beginners to gifted education. This column touches on several basic issues: familiar ideas, new research, and potential changes taking place in the gifted community. It draws on the topics that I teach in an introduction to gifted education course.