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Happy children using laptop to learn, play, fun. Child, technology concept
Happy children using laptop to learn, play, fun. Child, technology concept
Christine Williamson

10 YouTube Channels that Foster Curiosity in Kids

If you’re looking to rev up your child’s curious mind, try checking out one of thes 10 YouTube channels. Target age ranges are listed for ...
Lindsay Ellis Lee

How Paradigmatic Viewpoints and the Texas State Standards Influence Identification Practices

This article provides district administrators and educators of gifted and talented students with an overview of how gifted identification practices align with each of the ...
Language learning concept: Schoolboy with earphones and speech bubbles around him.
Ben Koch

Parent Webinar: Finding Their Element: Nurturing Gifted Kids’ Passions

In this webinar, we'll learn why identifying, acknowledging, and nurturing your gifted child's passions can be the key to guiding them toward not just super ...
Sally M. Reis

What Is Schoolwide Enrichment All About?

Applying some of the pedagogy of gifted education to classrooms can lead to total school improvement as well as increased achievement for all students.
6Ps cropped
Andi McNair

6 P’s of Passion Projects

Passion-based learning has become a reality in many classrooms, and it is changing the role of both the teacher and student.
Approved Jack Andraka Publicity Photo - CMark Tucker (1) cropped
Jack Andraka

The Knowledge Cure

Jack Andraka is an 18-year-old inventor, scientist, and researcher. At the age of 15, this teen prodigy developed a patent pending test that has the ...