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TAGT 2019 Conference
TAGT 2019 Conference
Emily Mofield

Book Study: Collaboration, Co-Teaching, and Coaching

Attendees met live with Emily Mofield and Vicki Phelps to discuss their book Collaboration, Co-Teaching, and Coaching and some of the reflection questions included. Participants ...
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Lacy Compton

Welcome to TEMPO+

Welcome to TEMPO+, your source for relevant resources and peer-reviewed research!
Lacy Compton

TAGT 30-Hour Bundle Is Now Available

The TAGT 30-Hour Bundle has just launched on TAGT On Demand.
Monica Simonds

Reflections and Silver Linings

This session allows educators to reflect on their work and discover the silver linings to educational change.
Audra Rowell

Getting a Handle on the Hours

Managing and designing the 30 Hours is a big part of the job. This session will take you through one district's audit and lessons learned. ...
Chris Reichelt

Multi-District GT Collaborative Team–Work Smarter Not Harder!

Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Tomball and Willis ISD banded together as 'singletons' out in the field to learn together, grow our programs, and provide stronger parent ...