TAGT 30-Hour Bundle Is Now Available



TAGT has great news! The TAGT 30-Hour Bundle has just launched on TAGT On Demand. This bundle includes 22 sessions and features 27 different presenters, including gifted education experts such as Marcia Gentry, James Webb, Andi McNair, Emily Mofield, Lynette Breedlove, and many more. The TAGT 30-Hour Bundle is a fresh and inspiring way for new gifted education teachers to receive the foundational knowledge necessary to nurture and inspire gifted students. 

To get more information, go to TAGT On Demand, scroll down to the New Courses section, then Click on the TAGT 30-Hour Bundle image or click on the button below. Already have a 30-hour package with On Demand? You can add the TAGT bundle as an option for your teachers! Just reach out to your TAGT On Demand rep for more information. 

Find out more information and see the full list of courses for the TAGT 30-Hour Bundle here.