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Monica Simonds

Reflections and Silver Linings

This session allows educators to reflect on their work and discover the silver linings to educational change.
Audra Rowell

Getting a Handle on the Hours

Managing and designing the 30 Hours is a big part of the job. This session will take you through one district's audit and lessons learned. ...
Chris Reichelt

Multi-District GT Collaborative Team–Work Smarter Not Harder!

Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Tomball and Willis ISD banded together as 'singletons' out in the field to learn together, grow our programs, and provide stronger parent ...
Marcia Gentry

Total School Cluster Grouping: Improving Student Achievement and Teacher Practices

One way to meet the needs of gifted, high-achieving students, and/or high-ability students in the general elementary classroom is cluster grouping.
Corina R. Kaul

What the Research Says About Professional Learning for Teachers of Gifted Students

This article reviews recent literature related to professional learning for in-service and preservice teachers of gifted students.
Young female person dressed in blue jeans and cozy knitted socks using a laptop by typing on keyboard and drinking coffee while sitting on the wooden floor in loft style. First person high angle view.
Heather Vaughn

Online Professional Development for Teachers of the Gifted and Talented

As online learning becomes more prevalent for K–12 students, it is important for teacher professional development to model K–12 best practices in an online environment ...