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Cecelia Boswell

The Critical Nature of Quality Professional Learning

The process of PL goes beyond time and money to include best practice based on experience and most current research. The role of the gifted ...
Female Teacher With Two Elementary School Pupils Wearing Uniform Using Digital Tablet At Desk
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Effective Programs and Practices for Gifted Students

A qualitative analysis of individual programs leads to the conclusion that there are effective practices that are worthy of replication.
Christine L. Weber

Providing Quality Professional Development Utilizing Case Studies

Although trained educators have mastered a set of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, continued professional development provides an opportunity to extend and refine them.
Susan Johnsen

Focusing on Challenges that Influence Gifted Education Programs

This article focuses on the questions how far has education come in serving all of its gifted and talented students? What has influenced these results? ...