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Author: Lacy Compton

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Lacy Compton

Welcome to TEMPO+

Welcome to TEMPO+, your source for relevant resources and peer-reviewed research!

Lacy Compton

TAGT 30-Hour Bundle Is Now Available

The TAGT 30-Hour Bundle has just launched on TAGT On Demand.

dan lerner
Krystal K. Goree

Passionately Successful: An Interview With Daniel Lerner

With a varied career involving high-achieving people in music, sports, business, and education, Daniel Lerner understands how passion can manifest itself in different ways.

Kaylee - Art
Krystal K. Goree

Student Spotlight: The Art of Creativity

For gifted young artist Kaylee Cooper of Waco, art gives her a chance to explore the world from different perspectives.

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Lacy Compton

Student Spotlight: Igniting Students’ Passions Through Mentoring Experiences

The school’s IGNITE! Summer Intensives couples younger students exploring areas of interest with older students serving as Teaching Fellows.

Lacy Compton

Student Spotlight: Expressing Identity

For adolescents, one of the primary struggles faced is that of identity (as Erikson noted in his stages of psychosocial development, the psychosocial crisis of adolescence is identity vs. role confusion). When thinking about how to spotlight student work for this issue on the social and emotional needs of gifted students, I realized how I personally found solace as an adolescent trying to figure out my identity—through words, through stories and poems and songs.