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Aligning Assessment, Identification, and Gifted Education Program Services

It is common to find gifted education beginning with the assignment of some students to the category of gifted while other students are intentionally not assigned to the gifted category.


What the Research Says About the Assessment of Advanced Products and Performances

A variety of formative and summative assessments are needed when appraising gifted students’ learning and when differentiating the curriculum.

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Promoting Excellence and Continuous Progress With Products

products provide teachers with options for differentiating learning experiences based on student experience with the product, level of readiness with the content, and interest in both the content and the product choice.

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Relating Identification Standards to Best Practices and Student Outcomes

It is important to review identification standards and consider how they might be implemented in your school and how they might relate to student outcomes.

District Leadership

Focusing on Challenges that Influence Gifted Education Programs

This article focuses on the questions how far has education come in serving all of its gifted and talented students? What has influenced these results? It provides some suggestions for ways that educators might gifted education programs in their schools.

Depth and Complexity

What Is Depth and Complexity?

The need for curriculum and instruction to be modified for gifted students in depth, complexity, and pacing is not a new concept. The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students (Texas Education Agency, 1996, 2009) informs districts of this need. The lingering question is how it is best accomplished.