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Businessman drawing Online Education concept on blurred abstract background
Businessman drawing Online Education concept on blurred abstract background
Keri M. Guilbault

Let’s Pivot! Teaching Elementary Gifted and Talented Learners During Emergency Remote Instruction

This article will discuss results from a mixed methods study that explored the experiences of more than 300 elementary teachers of the gifted during the first year of the pandemic (Guilbault & McCormick, 2022).

Amy Ellingson

Connect Chat: Virtual/Hybrid Secondary G/T Services

TAGT hosted this Connect Chat on how secondary G/T services have adjusted to meet the needs of virtual and hybrid learners and virtual/hybrid programming, including discussions on how you’ve innovated your virtual/hybrid offerings for secondary G/T students, how to manage advanced classes online and in-person, how you’ve added what you’ve learned from virtual settings to your in-person services, and how to adapt college prep and college and career readiness to new settings.

The two Black boy sitting playing on a laptop computer at home
Colin Seale

Connected But Disconnected: Building Meaningful Relationships in Culturally Responsive Distance Learning Environments

Real connection requires more than wifi and a device. For students most impacted by the inequities of school closures, creating authentic learning experiences that affirm their identity and allow them to truly connect has a heightened importance. Learn tools to create this environment in this interactive workshop.

Teenage Students With Teacher In IT Class
Laila Sanguras

Bringing Back the Joy: One Blended Learning Opportunity at a Time

This article provides resources to leverage technology in order to provide differentiated opportunities for gifted learners.

Young female person dressed in blue jeans and cozy knitted socks using a laptop by typing on keyboard and drinking coffee while sitting on the wooden floor in loft style. First person high angle view.
Heather Vaughn

Online Professional Development for Teachers of the Gifted and Talented

As online learning becomes more prevalent for K–12 students, it is important for teacher professional development to model K–12 best practices in an online environment while keeping adult learner engagement at the forefront.

Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Student-Created Multimedia Projects As the Gateway to Globalization and Digital Citizenry

Multimedia projects allow students to engage in planning, organizing, and creative processing with the end result being products that can be shared with the global learning community.