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Susan Johnsen

Evidence-Based Practices in Gifted Education: Acceleration, Ability Grouping, and Universal Screening

This article focuses on the research and practical knowledge needed by administrators to increase implementation of three evidence-based practices in gifted education: acceleration, grouping, and ...
TAGT 2019 Conference
Susan Johnsen

Reflections on the Millennial Issue Regarding the Field of Gifted Education

What is still relevant today from the past? What is new? Where might the field of gifted education be headed?
Multiethnic children sitting in a row and reading from notebook all together. School kid revising notes for exams sitting on the steps outside the elementary school. Latin school boy studying with friends before classwork.
Tillie Hickman

Diversity and Gifted Education

When we fail to identify those children who do not fit easily into our preconceived notions of giftedness, we fail not only those children but ...
A bar graph made of colored pencils shows fluctuations but a general uptrend
Cecelia Boswell

The Evaluation Journey

A G/T program services evaluation journey looks at both the places traveled and any new destination that leads to student achievement.
For Back To School 's Idea
Corina R. Kaul

How To Evaluate Your School or District G/T Program

This article proposes a Formative Evaluation of Gifted Programs Model (FEGPM) that incorporates stakeholder input and the implementation of evaluation findings.
Classroom atmosphere is empty, no students in it. Student chair with student bag hanging, The concept of learning for self-improvement.
Joyce Juntune

Finding and Serving Gifted Students Raised in Poverty

An ongoing challenge facing our schools is adequately serving our gifted students raised in poverty.