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District Leadership

Researchers’ Reflections on the Field of Gifted Education: Issues for the New Millennium

This article from the TAGT archives examines how past events may provide insight in identifying the important issues for the future of gifted education.


From the President: Column for The Advocacy in Gifted Education Issue

This column shares some key elements for parents to remember as they advocate locally for their gifted children.

Multiethnic children sitting in a row and reading from notebook all together. School kid revising notes for exams sitting on the steps outside the elementary school. Latin school boy studying with friends before classwork.

Diversity and Gifted Education

When we fail to identify those children who do not fit easily into our preconceived notions of giftedness, we fail not only those children but our society as well.

Quarrel with its shadow

Who’s Afraid of Individualism?

This century has not been very good about reading and following the script. From the rugged individualism of the 1700s and the 1800s, this century was not supposed to lead us to large scale corporations, businesses, bureaucracies, and organizations which created a centered homogeneous social system.

District Leadership

Educational Reform: A Superintendent’s View

There should be no conflicts between quality educational reform and programs for the gifted. Whatever barriers exist between proponents of reform and advocates for the gifted must be confronted and eliminated.


Answering Our Critics

This commentary was originally published in Spring 1991 as the “From the President” column in Volume XI, Issue 2, of TEMPO.