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Corina R. Kaul

What the Research Says Regarding Twice-Exceptional Students

This literature review summarizes 22 articles related to twice-exceptional students and their needs in the classroom.

Michael Flusche

Tips For Teachers: Comedy in the Classroom? Is That a Joke?

Should every teacher become a comedian? No, but I believe comedy can help.

Glass Half Full Glasses
Claire E. Hughes

Twice-Exceptional: Glass, Water, Air, and Divergent Views

Disability and giftedness are not separate from each other, but rather integrally connected.

Tonya Trepinski

Designing Learning Experiences for the Exceptionally Squared Student

My son’s instruction was not differentiated to meet the needs of a twice-exceptional student, only to that of a gifted child. Due in great part to this personal experience, I have chosen to study twice-exceptional learners in light of curriculum differentiation.