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Lacy Compton

Tips for Teachers: Literature to Guide Gifted Students

One of the easiest ways to influence the social and emotional development of gifted students in your classroom is to build a classroom library of ...
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Student-Created Multimedia Projects As the Gateway to Globalization and Digital Citizenry

Multimedia projects allow students to engage in planning, organizing, and creative processing with the end result being products that can be shared with the global ...
Suzanna Jeyanthi Ramos

Building Academic Literacy of Gifted Children from Poverty Using Mindsketching: Research to Classroom Practice

Despite persistent efforts, schools are greatly concerned with issues of poverty, due to the negative impact of poverty on academic achievement.
6Ps cropped
Andi McNair

6 P’s of Passion Projects

Passion-based learning has become a reality in many classrooms, and it is changing the role of both the teacher and student.
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Technology Tips for Teachers: Meet TED, the Audio Powerpoint, and Skype

This Tips for Teachers column shares information on TED Talks, Audio Powerpoint, and Skype and suggestions for use in classrooms.
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Click, View, and Share: Teaching and Learning Tech Tools You Can Use

Google accounts are easily created from and enable teachers to watch, upload, share YouTube videos ( and build free Google Forms surveys to enhance ...