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friendly preschool teacher helping little girl with class work
friendly preschool teacher helping little girl with class work
Depth and Complexity

Teaching to the Top: An Advanced Depth and Complexity Boot Camp

If the icons of depth and complexity don’t feel as shiny as they once did, this session recording from giftED20 is for you. Rediscover the power of the icons through targeted activities that take the “depth and complexity” in depth and complexity seriously.

Portrait of african girl writing solution of sums on white board at school. Black schoolgirl solving addition sum on white board with marker pen. School child thinking while doing mathematics problem.
Depth and Complexity

Depth and Complexity with Math

Participants will explore how the Icons of Depth and Complexity will enable their students to grasp math concepts at a deeper level and consider math situations in new ways in this video recorded at giftED20.

Depth and Complexity

4-3-2-1 Creating Leveled, Rigorous Questions with the Depth and Complexity Icons

Developing meaningful, challenging questions is a difficult task. In this session, participants will move from creating a one-icon question to composing one with four or more icons embedded, guiding students to deep, abstract thought.

Cute high school friends laughing and having fun while solving a problem on a white board
Depth and Complexity

The Math Connection: Using the Depth & Complexity Framework to Differentiate Secondary Math Content

Connect overarching mathematical concepts with numerous Depth & Complexity Iconic Prompts to understand natural connections between the Framework and mathematics – leading to a better understanding of ways to differentiate instruction within math courses.


Launching Into Authentic Learning: An Interview With John Spencer

John Spencer shares valuable information about what kids need in today’s classrooms to learn, grow, and thrive in a world that offers endless opportunities for creating and sharing knowledge.

school children drawing math icon on the chalkboard

Tips for Teachers: Curriculum for The Gifted and Talented Student: Theme, Generalization, Topic, and Paradigm

One of the first steps in writing curriculum for the gifted is to begin by making sure that the learning theory that undergirds curriculum is thoroughly understood.