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Lynette Breedlove

5 Essentials of Parenting Gifted Kids

Whether they're brand new or veterans to the joys of parenting gifted kids, the parents of your gifted students will benefit from exploring the 5 ...
Susan Winebrenner

Should Adults Tell Students What the Word “Gifted” Means?

For many years, teachers and parents have asked me, “Should we let this student know he or she has been identified as gifted?"
Amy L. Boone

Growing Gifted Girls

Throughout the gifted girl’s childhood, messages from her parents, culture, and schools will significantly influence her ability for growth.
Approved Jack Andraka Publicity Photo - CMark Tucker (1) cropped
Jack Andraka

The Knowledge Cure

Jack Andraka is an 18-year-old inventor, scientist, and researcher. At the age of 15, this teen prodigy developed a patent pending test that has the ...