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Group of emotional friends with their hands raised
Group of emotional friends with their hands raised
Kimberly Stewart

Gifted 101: Understanding Overexcitabilities in Gifted Individuals

Most educators who have worked with students identified as gifted know that the classic teacher-pleasing student may be recognized as gifted, but more than likely, the truly gifted student may be in that same class—masked by myriad characteristics that too many educators do not associate with giftedness.

Michael Flusche

Tips For Teachers: Comedy in the Classroom? Is That a Joke?

Should every teacher become a comedian? No, but I believe comedy can help.

Amy L. Boone

Growing Gifted Girls

Throughout the gifted girl’s childhood, messages from her parents, culture, and schools will significantly influence her ability for growth.

Michael S. Matthews

Motivation and Gifted Students

This article offers brief overview of one theory of motivation, followed by four specific suggestions, as well as some things to ponder as teachers seek to develop and maintain each child’s motivation.

cloud service concept 3d isometric infographic with a man taking out a book from internet
Kimberly A. Hardin

What The Research Says: Perspectives of Individuals Involved in Gifted Education

This literature review focuses on the perspectives of individuals involved in gifted education: gifted students and their teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, and peers.

Brenda K. Davis

Gifted 101: 5 Myths About Giftedness

Myths about giftedness are powerful forces that can alter perceptions about gifted students.