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Marty DeLeon

Can Lawmakers Save School Finance This Time? A Legislative Update on Gifted Education in Texas

From classrooms to board rooms, public schools all across Texas are sending distress signals about their lack of funding. The big question is: Can lawmakers save school finance this time? To solve school finance, to do something previous Legislatures could not accomplish, lawmakers will have to do the equivalent of leaping a tall building in a single bound and be faster than a locomotive. Lawmakers have their chance to display their heroism during the 86th Legislative Session that began January 8.

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Susan Johnsen

What the Research Says About Evaluating Gifted Programs

A literature review of articles that address evaluation of gifted education programming and services.

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Corina R. Kaul

What the Research Says About Influences on Gifted Students’ Academic Success Transitioning from Secondary Schools to Higher Education Institutions

This literature review examines what factors influence gifted students’ academic success in these programming options during their transition from secondary school to higher education.

Rachel Renbarger

What the Research Says About Advocating for Gifted Education

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tx teachers
Susan Johnsen

Texas GT Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Survey: Supporting Advocacy Efforts

To examine gifted education practices in Texas, the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented, in collaboration with Baylor University, conducted an online survey to identify teacher beliefs about gifted education, current gifted education practices, factors that influence practices, and possible student learning outcomes.

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Bertie Kingore

High-Ability Learners: Their Rights, Responsibilities, and Differentiation Needs

A major issue in education is how schools most appropriately respond to a range of advanced students who should receive and benefit from higher challenges.