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Sally M. Reis

The Underachievement of Gifted and High-Potential Students

When students of seemingly exceptionally high ability perform at levels that are well below their potential, their teachers and parents are faced with bewildering and ...
Eleonoor van Gerven

Preventing and Overcoming Underachievement in Gifted Primary School Students

This article defines and discusses the definition of underachievement, explains the concept of learning, and addresses ways that executive functions and skills influence the learning ...
Little asian girl and her friends sitting on an old blue tractor underneath a big leafy tree on the farm having fun playing together
Rachel Renbarger

What the Research Says About Social Influences on the Learning and Development of Gifted and Talented Students

It is important to study those influences that contribute to the social learning and development of gifted and talented students to help them acquire social ...
Christine Fonseca

Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intensity: A Guide for Parents and Educators

The intensity that commonly defines giftedness refers to how a gifted person approaches his or her life.
Thomas P. Hébert

Supporting the Emotional Wellbeing of Gifted Adolescent Males

With some thoughtful planning, educators can infuse opportunities for supportive conversations with and among the gifted males in their classrooms.
Mihyeon Kim

Enhancing Resilience of Gifted Students

Although studies on resilience have investigated risk and protective factors that result in adaptive consequences in the presence of adversity, there is no single agreed-upon ...