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Category: Identification

Melanie Harlan

GT Identification Using Google Sheets & Formulas

Use Google sheets & formulas applied to your existing assessment procedures to remove some of the “gray” from your identification process. Don’t be intimidated by formulas as I will walk you through the process of developing your own.

Todd Kettler

Aligning Assessment, Identification, and Gifted Education Program Services

It is common to find gifted education beginning with the assignment of some students to the category of gifted while other students are intentionally not assigned to the gifted category.

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Susan Johnsen

Relating Identification Standards to Best Practices and Student Outcomes

It is important to review identification standards and consider how they might be implemented in your school and how they might relate to student outcomes.

Amy McNamara

Identification and Retention of Gifted Students from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds: What the Research Says

Do gifted education classrooms reflect the culture of the general school?

Susan Johnsen

Using Standards to Design Identification Procedures

Four foundational issues have influenced the development of standards related to identification, described in this article.