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Author: Cecelia Boswell

Wide view image of three blank wooden dices placed in a row. Over blue background with copy space.
Wide view image of three blank wooden dices placed in a row. Over blue background with copy space.
Cecelia Boswell

On the Outside Looking In: The G/T Program Evaluation Process

Every journey begins with a first step. In order to take that step, a destination is determined. Deciding the journey’s destination relies on prior travel ...
Young adult smiling beautiful Asian teacher helping elementary student boy with laptop in computer classroom. Information Technology class in primary school concept.
Cecelia Boswell

Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP): History, Why TPSP, and How to Use TPSP in a Virtual World

TPSP provides more than just what to do: TPSP also offers the why and how to meet G/T students’ learning nature and needs.
Coronavirus quarantine concept. cute student working on a laptop at home, online learning for children study with computer
Cecelia Boswell

Virtual Services: Considerations for Gifted Learners

This column will explore the many ways educators of gifted students are transitioning their teaching to virtual and hybrid settings.
Cecelia Boswell

The Critical Nature of Quality Professional Learning

The process of PL goes beyond time and money to include best practice based on experience and most current research. The role of the gifted ...
A bar graph made of colored pencils shows fluctuations but a general uptrend
Cecelia Boswell

The Evaluation Journey

A G/T program services evaluation journey looks at both the places traveled and any new destination that leads to student achievement.
Christine L. Weber

Providing Quality Professional Development Utilizing Case Studies

Although trained educators have mastered a set of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, continued professional development provides an opportunity to extend and refine them.