No More Silence: Tools for White People Who Want to Actively Fight Racism

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It is impossible to detach the fight for equity in education, and in gifted education in particular, from the broader struggle for racial justice in this country. At a time when racial tensions are flaring up nationally at a level unseen in generations, one thing is abundantly clear: racism cannot, and will not be wiped out without active involvement from white people committed to the cause. This panel discussion and workshop will give all attendees the practical tools to understand how to not just be “not racist,” but become an anti-racist, active participant in ending racism. After this session, you will have the practical tools needed to transform from a mere ally to a true co-conspirator in the fight against racism. 

Presentation Materials:

No More Silence


Educator Resources for Culturally Responsive Paradigm Shifts

At the June 15 TAGT Leadership+ Equity Conference, Brandi Marroquin, Javetta Jones Roberson, and Erinn Wilcots joined me in a panel discussion about how to create culturally responsive classrooms and anti-racists classrooms. The biggest takeaway for educators wanting to start their journey to develop a culturally responsive classroom is that it is a journey–not a checklist!

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Gifted Students’ Perspectives Panel

This giftED20 student panel provided a view into the world of gifted minority students. In the session, a group of young minorities addressed academia and perceptions of their own, their peers, and their teachers. Gain insight into how the students have developed coping skills.

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