Using NASA Missions and Resources to Reach G/T Students

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA, USA - DECEMBER 2, 2019: Space shuttle Atlantis exhibition at the visitor complex of Kennedy Space Center


Using NASA Missions and Resources to Reach G/T Students

Want amazing curriculum and resources to fuel your students’ love of science? Join NASA STEM Engagement Specialist Steven C. Smith in this free webinar as he shares new, FREE, outstanding resources that have been created just for your gifted students! NASA is embarking upon the Artemis missions this fall in preparation for exploration even deeper into our solar system. At the same time, private-public partnerships in the Commercial Crew Program are transporting astronauts to and from the International Space Station opening Low Earth Orbit to greater opportunities for exploration and discovery. NASA has and is continuing to create resources to bring these missions into your classroom with standards based activities that will engage and inspire your G/T and advanced students. All for free, and all full of interactive, engaging activities your kids will love! Thank you to our copresenter, Science Teachers Association of Texas.

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About Steven C. Smith
Steven is the STEM Engagement Specialist with NASA’s Educator Professional Development Collaborative at Johnson Space Center. His work helps develop the Artemis Generation of explorers from historically disenfranchised groups, creating culturally responsive lessons, activities, and challenges that engage students previously left out of the amazing kinds of work NASA is doing. He holds degrees from the University of Washington, Georgia College and State University, Macon State College, and Brigham Young University. Prior to NASA, Steven worked in K-12 education for 20 years.


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