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Evelyn Levsky Hiatt

A Commentary on Gifted Education

It is no secret that the state of Texas is facing economic problems. Economic problems are, unfortunately, never isolated—they affect every area of state government. Cutbacks can be expected in road construction, state employment and, yes, in education. And whenever there are cutbacks in education, programs for gifted students invariably suffer.

Cecelia Boswell

The Critical Nature of Quality Professional Learning

The process of PL goes beyond time and money to include best practice based on experience and most current research. The role of the gifted educator in this process is to create long-term change in participants.

For Back To School 's Idea
Corina R. Kaul

How To Evaluate Your School or District G/T Program

This article proposes a Formative Evaluation of Gifted Programs Model (FEGPM) that incorporates stakeholder input and the implementation of evaluation findings.

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Susan Johnsen

What the Research Says About Evaluating Gifted Programs

A literature review of articles that address evaluation of gifted education programming and services.

Yara N. Farah

What the Research Says About the Effects of Policies and Regulations on Gifted Education

To further understand the effect of policies and regulations influencing practices for gifted and talented students, this review included articles that had been published since 2004 in Gifted Child Today, Gifted Child Quarterly, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, Journal of Advanced Academics, and Roeper Review. To be included, articles needed to discuss or examine the effects of policies, high-stakes testing, and standards on gifted education practices. Articles that did not examine these effects were excluded. Using these criteria, 20 articles were identified and summarized.

Nicole Shannon

Exploring and Encouraging Creativity

Many of the most successful companies look for creativity in their employees, as a creative workforce assures their continuation of growth and innovation in today’s market. Why then is creativity one area that seems to be lacking in our classrooms?