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A Commentary on Gifted Education

It is no secret that the state of Texas is facing economic problems. Economic problems are, unfortunately, never isolated—they affect every area of state government. Cutbacks can be expected in road construction, state employment and, yes, in education. And whenever there are cutbacks in education, programs for gifted students invariably suffer.

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Scaffolding of Instruction Is Necessary for Gifted Students, Too!

Students who are grappling with content that is advanced beyond their current readiness level need a support structure in place in order to attain higher levels of achievement.

District Leadership

What the Research Says About Professional Learning for Teachers of Gifted Students

This article reviews recent literature related to professional learning for in-service and preservice teachers of gifted students.


The Underachievement of Gifted and High-Potential Students

When students of seemingly exceptionally high ability perform at levels that are well below their potential, their teachers and parents are faced with bewildering and frustrating challenges.


Preventing and Overcoming Underachievement in Gifted Primary School Students

This article defines and discusses the definition of underachievement, explains the concept of learning, and addresses ways that executive functions and skills influence the learning process.


Tips for Teachers: Literature to Guide Gifted Students

One of the easiest ways to influence the social and emotional development of gifted students in your classroom is to build a classroom library of books with diverse characters that relate to the issues students are facing in their own lives. The list below includes many books recommended by Hébert for guiding gifted students, as well several newer titles that will appeal to your students, along with a list of topics each book addresses.