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Exploring and Encouraging Creativity

Many of the most successful companies look for creativity in their employees, as a creative workforce assures their continuation of growth and innovation in today’s market. Why then is creativity one area that seems to be lacking in our classrooms?

District Leadership

Focusing on Challenges that Influence Gifted Education Programs

This article focuses on the questions how far has education come in serving all of its gifted and talented students? What has influenced these results? It provides some suggestions for ways that educators might gifted education programs in their schools.


What the Research Says About Curriculum Delivery Models

Curriculum needs to be responsive to gifted learners and address their differences through the overlapping dimensions of concepts, issues, and themes; process-product; and advanced content. These definitions describe important characteristics that are often associated with exemplary curriculum models in gifted education. Educators need to understand not only these curricular characteristics but also know which curriculum models are effective with gifted and talented learners. They need to apply theoretically-and research-based models of curriculum to ensure specific student outcomes.


Designing Learning Experiences for the Exceptionally Squared Student

My son’s instruction was not differentiated to meet the needs of a twice-exceptional student, only to that of a gifted child. Due in great part to this personal experience, I have chosen to study twice-exceptional learners in light of curriculum differentiation.


What Is Depth and Complexity?

The need for curriculum and instruction to be modified for gifted students in depth, complexity, and pacing is not a new concept. The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students (Texas Education Agency, 1996, 2009) informs districts of this need. The lingering question is how it is best accomplished.


Using Standards to Design Identification Procedures

Four foundational issues have influenced the development of standards related to identification, described in this article.