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TAGT 2019 Conference
TAGT 2019 Conference
Susan Johnsen

Reflections on the Millennial Issue Regarding the Field of Gifted Education

What is still relevant today from the past? What is new? Where might the field of gifted education be headed?
Bertie Kingore

Appropriate Programs for Young Gifted Children

To be educationally defensible, an appropriate program for primary gifted children must be qualitatively different from that provided average children.
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Tamra Stambaugh

Scaffolding of Instruction Is Necessary for Gifted Students, Too!

Students who are grappling with content that is advanced beyond their current readiness level need a support structure in place in order to attain higher ...
Krystal K. Goree

An Interview With John Hunter

To John Hunter, unleashing potential is all about relationships: about truly knowing individual students and tying learning to their interests.
Sally M. Reis

What Is Schoolwide Enrichment All About?

Applying some of the pedagogy of gifted education to classrooms can lead to total school improvement as well as increased achievement for all students.
school children drawing math icon on the chalkboard
Joyce E. Kyle Miller

Tips for Teachers: Curriculum for The Gifted and Talented Student: Theme, Generalization, Topic, and Paradigm

One of the first steps in writing curriculum for the gifted is to begin by making sure that the learning theory that undergirds curriculum is ...