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We know your passion for gifted education isn’t just a once-a-year commitment, and in 2020, we especially know the importance of keeping your bucket filled and your passion strong. Join your fellow giftED20 attendees for these awesome Sneak Peek sessions with some of your favorite presenters!


Rally the Real World

It takes a village to INSPIRE a child. Discover exhilarating new resources and innovative pathways to access community partnerships and bring engaging, inspiring professionals to your Classroom or Zoom Room! Rally the real world to make learning meaningful, purposeful, and captivating.

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Start with Creativity: Building Secondary Classrooms That Support Critical Thinking and Purposeful Discussion for Advanced Learners

Examine how fostering creativity in secondary education can enhance critical thinking and purposeful discussion among advanced learners. This article dispels myths about creativity, emphasizes its importance across all disciplines, and provides practical strategies for educators to integrate creative development into their curriculum. By prioritizing creativity, teachers can support deeper learning, encourage problem-solving, and prepare students for future challenges.

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