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We know your passion for gifted education isn’t just a once-a-year commitment, and in 2020, we especially know the importance of keeping your bucket filled and your passion strong. Join your fellow giftED20 attendees for these awesome Sneak Peek sessions with some of your favorite presenters!


Creativity and the Box

This article delves into the interplay between creativity and problem-solving, exploring how educators can nurture creative thinking in students. It examines various characteristics of creatively gifted children and introduces frameworks like the Creative Problem-Solving process.

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The Digital SAT & PSAT: What Does It Mean for You?

To make sure students are prepared academically and psychologically for the new SAT format, it’s important that everyone involved in the process – from students to teachers to curriculum writers to counselors to administrators – understand the changes in the exams and how to prepare for those changes efficiently.

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My Child Did Not Qualify: Next Steps

“The data we gathered for your child does not demonstrate a need for gifted services at this time.” As a parent, this statement can result in a wide range of emotions. Knowing what steps to take next may alleviate concern and frustration. This article provides a few suggestions for conversations you can have with gifted administrators in your school district.

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