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Tracy Weinberg

Gifted 101: What Is Giftedness? Defining Gifted and Talented

Possessing a deep understanding of the definition of gifted and talented is the starting point for all that follows in the field of gifted education. ...
Lacy Compton

Student Spotlight: Girls and STEM: Using Real-World Challenges to Build STEM Skills

The Samsung STEM Challenge brought together teams of girls ranging from fourth graders to high school seniors with engineers from the company with the mission ...
Lacy Compton

Student Spotlight: Girls and STEM: The Lady Cans Robotics Team

The Lady Cans Robotics Team has truly seen the value of STEM beyond their textbooks and classroom experiments.
Lacy Compton

Spotlight on Students: Love Noelle

The federal definition of gifted students includes many attributes—intelligence, creativity, artistry, and leadership. In thinking about how to spotlight gifted students across Texas, I wanted ...
Ann Batenburg

Gifted 101: What Is Intelligence?

A column that focuses on those who are beginners to gifted education. This column touches on several basic issues: familiar ideas, new research, and potential ...
Lacy Compton

Spotlight on Students: Art as Fashion by Isabella Taylor

I began to paint at a very early age, and it was through my passion for painting and fashion that my current fashion line has ...