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3d rendering. one apple on books in empty school classroom. education concept
3d rendering. one apple on books in empty school classroom. education concept
Teresa Francis

How Can I Get it All Taught Using Compacting and Tiering for Student Success?

Are you worried about how you will do it all in the changing educational environment? We will provide tips and tricks on how to present your ...
Teacher reading book to young students in classroom. Horizontally framed shot.
Cecelia Boswell

Primarily Primary: Project Organization

This article continues the “Primarily Primary” series with suggestions for implementing a research, product, and presentation process with identified gifted primary grade students using the ...
Melanie S. Meyer

What Works: Research About Teacher Beliefs and Student Achievement in Practice

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Emily Mofield

Thinking Models, Strategies, and Extension Ideas for Differentiation and Deeper Inquiry: A Quick Guide

How can G/T teachers and specialists share strategies with other teachers? This article outlines models and tools for easy reference. This quick “one-pager” can be ...
Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

Connect Chat: Serving G/T Learners in Small Districts

This video shares an online Connect Chat on serving G/T and advanced learners in small districts, including discussions of solutions and challenges to meeting students’ ...
Concept of building success foundation. Women hand put red wooden block on colorful wooden blocks in the shape of a staircase
Cecelia Boswell

Assessing Growth

Although the State Plan (TEA, 2019) requires evaluation of student growth, the process remains difficult for Texas districts. Assessment beyond on-level state testing is required ...